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Friday, December 27, 2013

Birth-Day on the Delta 11-09-13

Well another year has come and gone - its another anniversary of the passing of my birthYEAR.... and it was a great day to go out and play on the water with a few friends from the DLB group. We headed out of Orwood and the water was just amazing!!!!  Scott (RT99) got some great shots, as he always does of the boat and I wanted to share them here, since he doesn't tend to show off his great work too much!

Nice shots Scott!

Thank You !

Flatties on the Delta #2

The group of folks from the DLB (Delta Lunch Bunch) own and enjoy some of their hot rod boats as much as their bigger pleasure crafts. So D21 put together a day for us all to get together and go have some fun like the old days in our hot rod flatties. Somewhere close to 40 boats signed up to show and go around a few of the joints that would accept us into their space and listen to the sounds of music we brought along. It was a great day at Orwoods, then to Union Point and then we all just ended up at Ski Beach to enjoy!

Click on the pics to make them full size

Some folks traveled from far and wide to get here for the festivities; So Cal, Idaho, Tahoe, Arizona, this was a national event!!!! here in our little boating back yard. 

My boat blew a prop shaft coupler and I had to be pulled back, but all in all it was a GREAT DAY!