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Friday, June 10, 2011

Hotboat Lake CFW

One of the nicest NorCal lakes for the Hot-boating crowd has got to be "CFW" or Camp Far West reservoir located near the town of Wheatland, California. Its about an hour north of Sacramento and can be just a serene a place as one can imagine.  But at other times when the hot boats, alcohol burners and the nitro boats show up.... well its just plain good ole fun.

I found a day when there was nobody there and did some test and tune after getting my new carbs on the boat. This is still the old configuration (461 CI engine), but the 660 carbs were junk and just could not be made to work. I got a set of 850 Holleys and put them to work on the boat.

This lake is privately owned and operated and the owners really appreciate the hot boat group and we in turn appreciate them for providing a facility such as this to use at our leisure for much fun.

It has 2 launch facilities, one on the North Shore and one on the South Shore. The South Shore has launching capability from the beach area also when the lake is full. Both places have a store and it has camping facilities with tables provided. The sites will fit motorhomes but they don't have power and water.

This is not a huge lake and thats why it appeals to the hot-boat crowd, theres no 40' cruisers out there churning up the waters, the minimal amount of wake and ski boats that show up stay on the main lake side and there is a cove on the South Shore where most of the hot-boats can play and remain out of peoples way.

Update: The day these photos were taken the original motor died. It was found out that the motor was some rookies try at motor building and 3 rod bearings froze to the crank and spun. Cooked 2 main bearings also. Looks like assembly errors were the cause and possibly me trying to get to 7000 rpm ????  Maybe.

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