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Monday, March 12, 2012

All the Bling Added

Since the motor resurrection was complete, I had to finalized the rest of the boat's mechanical, electrical, fuel and water systems. I added all new Autometer mechanical gauges in the dash (Fuel PSI, Oil PSI, Water Temp) with red billet bezels and a new tach with recall. The electrical wiring was renewed through the entire boat with a fuse panel under the dash and a new Optima battery with a billet aluminum battery box with new heavy locomotive cables to a new battery cut-out switch. Also added a ignition safety switch too just for safety purposes.

I found a deal on a 1" Magnaflow water pump and replaced the old Neovane unit with all new stainless steel water lines installed everywhere. The fuel tanks were leaking so they had to be welded up at the bungs and all new stainless steel fuel lines were then added along with a new pump, filter and fittings.

I finished polishing all the aluminum parts, linkage, intake and anything that wasn't already shiny and added some new chromed fabricated valve covers to top it all off. All of this in preparation for the 2012 Sacramento Autorama Show which we had 18 boats entered. It was a really good showing of boats from all our local owners.

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