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Monday, June 24, 2013

Chowchilla Hot Boat Bash 2013

This is a great meet for all the hot boat guys to get a chance to come on out and have some fun in a contained environment where many used to come and play as youngsters to watch drag bot racing at its finest. Back in the day there were many organizations that raced here, but the one I remember was the CVDBA and I think I was about 18-19 at the time and what a blast!!!  I wasn't lifting any hydro-tails back then but I was sure chasing tail and that was the place to find it!!!!  And the boats were great TOO!

This was my second year back at "The Hot Boat Bash" that pulls the people of Chowchilla, the Lyons Club and happy boat owners together for a great time. This year had 40 boats show up and it was nice to see them all. Many of the boats were SANGER's of all shapes, styles and sizes....

It was like a Sanger Family Regatta out there!!! 

 Here would be your typical Sanger Mini Day Cruiser and a Sanger Family Ski just ready for a day on the water back in the 1970's.....

Here are few more of the boats that showed up for this great event, there were many!!! 
(Click on the pics to see the large version)

 This one has got to be the "Most Pretty Engine" boat of the entire group

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