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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Needles 2014

Just spent another beautiful February weekend in Needles, CA for the Route 66 Hotboat and Hotrod Show put on by the City and many great sponsors. There was sensational support again as usual from the entire hotboating community from CA, AZ, WA, OR and ID. Many folks come from all over the country to bring their boats and cars to show everyone their works.

So lets get with the pics... We met up with our friends Wil and Wendi from Hot Boat.com and the Outlaw Racing Group guy (Jeff) that was displaying the 51' Outerlimits Cat that ran the San Francisco to Long Beach sea trial for a worlds record. Jeff invited us all to ride with him for the parade in the big rig. What an awesome boat this is and a nice rig for hauling it too!

The "Outlaw Crew" for a day.... Me, Wil, Wendi, Scott, Jeff, Mike

More on this later....

Heres some shots from the parade on Friday night

Here are some of the show day shots from Saturday down at Jack Murphy Park

The K-711 race crowd  was present and getting their boat ready for racing. Chris and Candace are ready to go racing again and we wish them the best of luck with Mr. Eason!!!   Pat Eason for PRESIDENT!!!

RT99 and I had the opportunity to stay in the marina with Fred Romani (and old school dragboat racer) and his wife Evonne and had a great time with them reminiscing about the 60's dragboat scene. Thank you both very much.

It was really nice to hang with many of the v-drive crowd that frequent the boards on PB and HB and even RDP. Met a few new folks to finally put a name with a face. You didn't know who you would run into around that place but it was a great time.

Thank You Billy B!

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