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Monday, September 13, 2010


First entry for this new blog on V-Drive boats: I have always loved v-drives and drag boats since I was a kid and was a regular visitor to the CVDBA events during the 1970's and 1980's. This was a great time in the history of drag boat racing down the central valley of California. It's a damn shame that all the eco/epa-nazi's ended up here in our fine state to do away with this type of fun and gamesmanship. Oh well, I still have my memories and they can't take them away or incarcerate me for having them.

I just became the owner of a pretty decent 1975 Sanger Flat bottom Bubbledeck. It's actually the "Family Ski" model boat that was made when Sanger was in their Fresno facility. The engine is a 461 CU IN big block Chevy with about 500 hp. Iron 990 heads, Tunnel Ram and 660 Holley carbs. It has a Casale drive with a Power glide transmission in it right now, I dont think that was stock from Sanger. Looks like it has all the stock Sanger rigging that came in it during the '75 era of boat building and is still in pretty good shape today.

It needs some serious TLC and most likely some parts here and there, but the hull, floors and stringers look good and no major flaws and all the parts are there to work with.

Found out from the original owner - one Mr. Mike Romani that this was his boat before I bought it from the seller I got it from. He had all this paint work done by "Smooth As Glass" in Riverbank, CA and the deck and part of the hull was repaired after it was used as a speed bump by a Bayliner.... He also told me a story of his wedding day on the SAC River where he and his bride took some pictures in it and then he took it for a ride and got thrown out of it and swamped it!!!

Mike is great guy and he saw it at the Big Wake Weekend at Folsom in 2013, He actually had tears in his eyes... must have been some good memories! 

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