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Monday, September 13, 2010

Running Down the River

This is the first video of the Sanger on the SAC River running with what the boat had when I received it. Well I must say that it was quite a trip.... Found some good flat calm water to try and run it out on but there were just too many things going wrong with to get it going very well.

I think we may have got to around 50-60 mph with my 'speed-demon' daughter on board. She said "it was fun but was a little scary being so close to the water"... Well YEA!!!!  I guess its not a safe as being surround by 3,000 lbs of metal, glass and plastic. ;-)

Take a look:


The ride was a bit rough, the cav plate pedal doesn't even move, it needs some cav plate adjustments I'm almost sure, the 660 carbs are leaking fuel out the bowls, but it runs!!! Engine sounds good but who knows whats in it at this point Im still trying to get info from the seller.

Update on the pedal; The Trimetric pedal was taken apart and the inside was full of mud and rust, no wonder why the pedal didnt move!!!!...   replaced the gears and greased it all up, now I have a pedal that WORKS!

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