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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Needles California

This is a boaters 'mecca' for hotboats and I had a chance to visit the event this year for the first time and experience all of its grandeur and people.

The people are what makes it the greatest event around because it is put together by people that care; for the boats, the rods and the City of Needles. It is an event organized by the City of Needles and some of their local business people, local schools and social organizations like the "The Elks".

Boat and Rod people come from all over the country to participate. There is a golf event the first day and then a "Parade of POWER" thru the city for the townspeople to come out and greet everyone. This ends the evening with a BBQ at the local city park. There is a show and shine both days of the weekend with food vendors from the local schools that support their local sports. Each day the boats will do speed runs up and down the Colorado river at Jack Smith Park for the spectators to see some thrills.

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