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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Day 2015 at Camp Far West

CFW was really just perfect this year...  lots of space for everyone to park and get into the water, the water was good, the sun was out, no wind, and lots of good people just having fun~! Add to that the boat ran well and made it back to the trailer and you have a - "Perfect day"

 My dad was in town for the holidays and he is a sailboater, and he had never been to anything like this before and wanted a ride in a flat-bottom...  so we made it all happen for him.

He is 91 years young and actually doing pretty well for an "old guy".... We were parked right next to Dave Kikers "Nighthawk" TFH and when he lit the engine off, I told my Dad to plug his ears.... He just pulled his hearing aids out and put them in his pocket and said... "ALL GOOD!"....

He had a great time in the boat and meeting all the boating crowd out there, He says "thanks!"

Dave Kikers Nighthawk made a run, but had a small issue that was later fixed.
Photos by Cathy Geist Hayes

The RED BARON II made its debut again this year with Fred Romani and Matt Woodward there to break it in. All new layup, paint and rigging and Joey Grose power.... The boat just looks phenomenal guys!!!  great job!

There were many other alcohol boats out there too....

Photo by Nikon Rick

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